Teenage Girl Attacked by Sasquatch

In the Wednesday, August 18, 1965, issue of the Independent (Long Beach, CA), a Page 2 headline read: “Search for the ‘Monster.’” The article was accompanied by a picture of 17-year-old Christine Van Acker who was sporting a black eye. The article chronicled an incident that occurred in southeastern Michigan involving a large, hairy monster.

According to the report, the previous Friday night, Van Acker and her mother were attacked by a “black, 7-foot, 400-pound, grunting “thing” covered in hair” while sitting in their car. The creature reached through the car window and grabbed Christine Van Acker’s hair and punched her in the eye. Van Acker said: “he was all hairy and the hairs were like quills. They pricked whenever I touched them.”

At least 15 other people claimed to see the creature. Sightings had been occurring off and on for about two months prior to the attack.

The attacked spawned a rash of monster hunts by the locals. Many other locales experienced monster-induced hysteria in other parts of the country in the mid-1960s. I devoted a section to this phenomenon in my book Wild & Wonderful (and Paranormal) West Virginia.

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