People are Seeing Something

My book People are Seeing Something: A Survey of Lake Monsters in the United States and Canada is available in paperback on Amazon and createspace. A Kindle version is also available through Amazon. 

Below is a description of my book:

In this book, Denver Michaels examines reports of lake monsters in the United States and Canada. Simply put, Michaels’ title says it all-people are seeing something-sincere, honest people report seeing strange creatures in the water on a regular basis. The reports are real; moreover, there is much more to the plethora of sightings than just the misidentification of known animals and hoaxes.

Michaels also takes the time to examine the bodies of water where cyrptids are said to dwell. Could the nature of the lakes themselves point to some sort of link that could help explain lake monster sightings?

Although Michaels believes that uncategorized creatures exist, he approaches the topic with a skeptical eye.