Haunted Bellevue Hall

I recently visited several interesting places in Delaware. Among these, was Bellevue Hall.

Bellevue Hall and the surrounding land was originally owned by a wealthy merchant named Hanson Robinson. Robinson built a Gothic Revival-styled castle on the property complete with towers that provided a view of the Delaware River. William du Pont (1855–1928) acquired the property in 1893; his son William du Pont, Jr. (1896–1965) inherited the estate after his death. William du Pont, Jr. remodeled the Gothic Revival castle into a replica of James Madison’s Orange, Virginia plantation, Montpelier. Du Pont named his masterpiece Bellevue Hall.

Photo by author.

Today, Bellevue Hall is thought to be haunted by several entities. The second and third floors of the home, both of which are closed to the public, are especially haunted. Staff have reported hearing screams and laughter in the home; the lights in the mansion flicker randomly; chairs and objects move on their own.

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