Phosphorescent Eyes

An unusual characteristic that is sometimes described among water monsters is “phosphorescent eyes.” This has attributed to the Yacumama—known to many as the Giant Anaconda—the massive water snake of the Amazon.  Take the following excerpt from my book Water Monsters South of the Border:

…the Yacumama’s eyes are phosphorescent; when spotted at night, the creature’s eyes have been mistaken for the navigational lights that are common to the boats that travel the Amazon.3

Mention of the bluish, phosphorescent eyes of the Yacumama brings to mind an interesting encounter. In 1929, a priest, Father Victor Heinz, was travelling at night on a river. Heinz saw a huge snake in the water. The snake had such large eyes—phosphorescent eyes—that Heinz initially mistook the snake for the navigational lights on a steamboat.4

Father Heinz had another encounter with the legendary Yacumama seven years earlier. Heinz was travelling along the Amazon River by canoe with several companions. He witnessed a massive snake whose visible portions were an estimated 80 feet in length. Heinz described the body of the snake as being as big around as an oil drum.5

Consider the following headline from The Dothan Eagle (Dothan, Alabama) from September 3, 1934:

The report details a monster in a lake in France that caused quite an uproar after a rash of sightings. The creature was said to be 25 feet long and covered with scales. The monster was described as a “prehistoric beast with phosphorescent eyes.”


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