West Virginia Mailman Encounters Bigfoot

While browsing through Cryptozoology  News the other day, an article titled “Federal Employee Claims he just Saw Bigfoot Creature” grabbed my attention. The story recounts a sasquatch sighting that a mailman had while driving home from work. The sighting took place in West Virginia. Some highlights from the article:

34-year-old Brett Smith Told Cryptozoology News he was driving home from work on the road between Jefferson and Hurricane when he spotted the creature at about 2:15 a.m. yesterday.

“I saw it for about 45 seconds,” claimed the federal employee.

The Bigfoot-like creature, he added, was about “8 feet tall and was walking upright”.

Typically, bigfoot encounters are thought to occur mostly in the Pacific Northwest; however, the Mountain State has a long tradition of “hairy monster” sightings that predate Bigfoot becoming a household name.  On January 1, 1957, the Raleigh Register ran an article summarizing the “outdoor oddities” experienced by the Department of Conservation the previous year. Among the oddities were reports of hairy monsters. In a letter to the Department, a Beckley resident penned the following: “There have been too many reports of hairy monsters being seen to pass them off as nonsense.” Interestingly, the concerned citizen added: “If there is any such thing, it is more human than animal, but it shouldn’t be shot just because it’s hairy.”

I chronicle many of these reports in my book Wild & Wonderful (and Paranormal) West Virginia including the tale of the Grafton Monster.

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