Skull of Giant on Display at Post Office

There are countless tales of the bones of giants being recovered in the 1800s as Americans pushed farther west. Ancient burial mounds often held the bones giants. There are many accounts of mounds being demolished and plowed over so that crops could be planted; in the process, massive skeletal remains and various artifacts were found.

The Wheeling Daily Intelligencer reported an interesting find in their April 6, 1893, issue.

A skull twice the size of a normal-sized human was taken from the mound. It was placed on display in a window at the post office newsstand. As crazy as it sounds for a skull so large to be recovered, it was a regular occurrence in West Virginia. Jack Parsons is said to have found the bones of a giant protruding from the banks of the Cheat River in the late-1700s. The jaw bone would fit completely over his face. Similarly, in Hardy County, a jaw bone with 16 perfectly preserved teeth was found which would easily fit over top of a person’s face.

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