British Black Cats in the News

The United Kingdom has a long history of sightings of large black cats. Sometimes they are referred to as “alien black cats” because they are thought to be paranormal in origin. Not all agree that the cats are paranormal in nature; some think that a small population of black cats exist in the UK, most likely introduced there from the outside. Whatever you believe, the cats are difficult to explain and there are too many sightings to ignore.

I have long puzzled over the UK black cat phenomenon. In the US we have a lot of black cat sightings; however, there are populations of big cats in many areas. In the US, black panther sightings are a little easier to explain.

Reading the latest news on the Anomalist site, I happened upon an article from the Burton Mail recounting a recent black cat sighting. Some highlights from the article:

An Ashby woman has said she came within 15 metres of a large black cat, and says that she is now scared to leave the house alone. Mum-of-three Emma Adam, 29, was out walking at dusk with her mother-in-law, on a path through a woodland when she saw the creature, which she said was larger than a labrador…

…The Ashby mum said the animal was black and long, and was so thin that it looked malnourished, with very prominent shoulder blades.

She continued: “People were saying why didn’t you take a picture of it, but in that moment you are too frightened to take a picture. I always thought they would be very stocky, but this was much thinner.

I do not fault the witness for not getting a picture. Though frustrating for investigators, it is not always easy to get a picture in a split second when being surprised by something as unexpected as a black cat sighting.

The story added a couple more accounts of recent black cat activity:

…In January, a father-of-two who was also from Ashby got a fright after spotting what he described as a ‘black panther’ blocking a countryside lane in Coton Park, just a few miles from the latest sighting.

Phil Cross, who admitted being a “geek” when it came to all things wildlife, said he crossed paths with the large black cat while on his way to a meeting.

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