It’s Only A Whale

The internet was abuzz over the weekend after a strange carcass washed up on an Indonesian beach. The massive rotting carcass was unidentifiable, leaving many to wonder if a giant squid or some kind of other sea monster had washed ashore.

According to an article in Live Science, the massive carcass is a whale.

Despite the blob’s bizarre appearance, it’s clearly a baleen whale, said Alexander Werth, a whale biologist at Hampden-Sydney College in Virginia.

“There is lots of stuff in the ocean that we don’t know about — but there’s nothing that big” that remains unknown, Werth said.

Two dead giveaways revealed that the creature was a whale, Werth said: the grooves, or “throat pleats,” and the upper jaw where the two racks of baleen plates, used for filtering out food in the whale’s mouth, would have been…

Unfortunately for those of us who believe in sea monsters, these “globsters” usually end up being identified as whales.

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