Fireballs in the Sky

In UFO reporting, reports of “fireballs” are quite common. Orangish spheres, which look like balls of fire, are spotted moving through the sky. At times they float and hover and suddenly ascend. The erratic movements of the spheres lead many to believe that they are not manmade. This report, which occurred in West Virginia less than a week ago, comes from the NUFORC database:

2 fireballs changing direction.

Was traveling home from picking up some burgers for the family… It was a clear night and I noticed two lights in the sky… They stood out because they were yellow looking…. When I finally got a good view of them… one was over top of the other and looked like big fireballs falling to earth…

I pulled in the driveway and ran into the house to tell my wife what I saw…. I looked back outside and only one was left…. but it was flying east…. My wife came to the door and seen the one… It still looked like a fireball.. .but traveling east, instead of falling…. Very weird…

My wife called 911 to report this and see if anyone else had seen it… No one had reported anything on this.

There was another fireball report from West Virginia, which occurred in April of this year. This object displayed many of the same characteristics of the objects mentioned above.

About a month earlier, in Newport News, Virginia, a series of fireballs, which made no sound, were observed moving across the sky. This report can be found on the MUFON database:

From 2130 until 2200, there were at least eight (8) instances of a bright fireball like object traveling across the sky. From the approximate coordinates of (37.0923673,-76.4544147), near The Chesapeake living community in Newport News VA, the object could be seen traveling in a somewhat ballistic trajectory. Each object would originate from the south-southeast and travel north. The objects were low on the horizon. There would only be one object at a time, with a few minutes between each instance. The objects seemed to be far away, possibly over the Chesapeake bay. The objects were very bright and constant, and did not have flashing lights like an airplane. They looked very similar to rockets, similar to ones launched from Wallops Island. No sound could be heard. Other air traffic (planes, etc) would be seen flying but not typically when these object were seen. The fireball was spherical in shape and bright orange/red. I have a video of a few of them. They all seemed to follow the same path.

The witness provided several videos which can be accessed on the MUFON database. I watched the videos and they are interesting, but I believe the fireballs, in this case, may be the product of military hardware.

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