Mill Lake Monster

Charles Mill Lake, located in central Ohio, has been a hotspot for strange activity for quite some time. In the 1970s, an alleged encounter between a UFO and military aircraft took place over the lake. A large, ape-like creature with orange eyes has a history of sightings around the lake. Of course, Ohio has a tradition of sasquatch reports. The “Ohio Grassman” is a bipedal creature similar to the legends of Bigfoot erroneously thought by some to only inhabit the Pacific Northwest.

There have also been sightings of some sort of large, strange, armless creature with green eyes and webbed feet. Two boys had an encounter in 1959:

Mansfield Journal, March 28, 1959.

Strange tracks were allegedly left behind by the creature. The local police investigated and noted that the tracks looked similar to the flippers worn by divers.

Mansfield Journal, March 28, 1959.

There was another sighting of the web-footed monster in 1963. However, there has been a scarcity of documented reports since.


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