Vegetable Man

The following is an excerpt from my upcoming book Wild & Wonderful (and Paranormal) West Virginia.

The West Virginia author Gray Barker, in his book Men in Black: The Secret Terror Among Us, recounted the story of Jennings H. Frederick of Rivesville. Frederick had an encounter with a “vegetable man” and also with the sinister Men in Black.

Weird encounters seemed to follow Frederick—his family too. A UFO landed in a field above his mother’s house in 1965. She claimed that a “devil-like” creature emerged from the craft.1 The being was tethered to the vehicle by a cable of some sort. While outside, the alien gathered grass and soil and stuffed the samples into a pouch. After the visitation, Frederick investigated the area and found footprints with four toes and a pointy heel. The ground had also been indented from the landing.2

Frederick had a most unusual encounter, even by ufology standards, in 1968. He was in the woods hunting with his bow when he heard a high-pitched telepathic message asking for help. The message, as understood by Frederick, seemed to say: “You need not fear me, I wish to communicate. I come as friends. We know of you all…I wish medical assistance. I need your help.”3

From there, the story took an even weirder—and terrifying—turn. Frederick stuck his hand in his pocket to retrieve his handkerchief, but it was tangled in thorns. He removed his hand from his pocket to realize his arm was attached to a strange hand. The hand was green with three long fingers that had suction cups and needle-like tips. The hand tightened its grip on Frederick’s arm to the point of puncturing a blood vessel.4

The creature, who had tricked Frederick into coming near with its telepathic message, used its yellow eyes to put him into a trance…

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