Lake Monster Legislation

As strange as it might sound to those who do not believe in the existence of lake monsters, legislation has been proposed (and even passed) in a number of locations to protect the creatures. For instance, in Arkansas, during the 1970s, a refuge was designated for the White River Monster. The bill made it illegal to harm or harass “Whitey” while in the confines of the designated protected area. Champ, the Lake Champlain Monster, enjoys protection on both the Vermont and New York side of the lake. Maryland State Senator George W. Della drafted a resolution in 1984 to “encourage serious scientific inquiry by the state into Chessie and other unusual animals in the Chesapeake Bay.”

Perhaps mockingly, or at least for economic reasons—to try and spur tourism—the monster in Pyramid Lake, Nevada was given protected status in 1959.

The Salt Lake Tribune 2/3/1959


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