Is Fawcett Alive?

Tomorrow will make 85 years since The Daily Republican (Monongahela, PA) asked the question: “Is Fawcett alive?” The answer may have been yes.

The intrepid explorer Colonel Percy Fawcett went missing seven years prior in search of a lost city in the jungles of Brazil. Fawcett’s son Jack and his best friend Raleigh Rimell went missing as well. Much speculation surrounded the disappearance of the party. Did they succumb to disease? Did they simply die in the jungle after becoming lost? Were they killed by hostile natives?

The Fawcett saga took an interesting turn when Swiss trapper, Stephen Rattin, claimed to have met a man who claimed to be Percy Fawcett deep in the jungle. The man, long-haired and wearing buckskins like the natives, was under heavy guard by a local tribe.  He secretly gave a message to Rattin to deliver to the British Consulate in São Paulo.

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