Ancient Civilizations in the News

Lost civilizations, particularly those of the ancient Americas, have always fascinated me. It seems that new mysteries are waiting to be uncovered from the rain forests of Central & South America. Who knows what secrets the jungles hold?

A couple of recent news stories come to mind:

      • Recently, geoglyphs have been discovered in the  Amazon. As deforestation continues to take its toll, over 450 geoglyphs have been found in Brazil. Thought to have been created by indigenous people over 2,000 years ago, the sites cover an amazing 5,000 square miles. They are believed to have been places for ceremonial rituals rather than villages.
  • When Kev Baker interviewed me on his show last week, he told me about “The Lost City of the Monkey God” and the struggles endured by the explorers in their journey to find it.


Denver Michaels

I am an author and researcher with a passion for cryptozoology, lost civilizations, the paranormal, and all things unexplained.

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