Lake Monster Season is Approaching

The unseasonably warm temperatures over the weekend reminded me that there’s not a whole lot of winter left (at least in Virginia where I live). The warm weather will bring cookouts, baseball, spring foliage, lazy days, and of course lake monster reports.

During the course of my research, I have collected a considerable amount of old newspaper clippings. After reading over many of them recently, I am fascinated at how matter-of-factly lake monsters and sea serpents were once reported. I also have many articles written in early spring that proclaim something along the lines of “lake monster season is upon us.” Yes, there was a time when lake monster and sea serpent season was a yearly occurrance.

With that in mind, the Loch Ness Monster may be suffering from spring fever and may have made its first appearance. A man reportedly observed fish jumping and then saw bubbles break the surface a few feet in front of him; it created concentric ripples like a funnel under the surface that was bubbling. The source of the bubbles began moving in the direction of the fish and continued created the concentric circles in the water. It did this for about  200 meters (656 feet) before it stopped and disappeared. The witness was so focused on watching the event that he failed to get a photograph. Source for this report:

You may recall that 2016 was the busiest year for Nessie sightings since 2000. Hopefully, 2017 will be even more eventful!

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