Kanawha Valley Burial Mounds

Earlier in the week, I visited West Virginia’s Kanawha Valley. While I was there, I went to the Criel Mound in South Charleston. The Criel Mound is the second largest mound in the state; Grave Creek Mound, just south of Wheeling in Moundsville, is the largest.

The Mound Builders fascinate me; we know very little about the enigmatic people. What fascinates me most are rumors of extremely large skeletons—giants—that have been found in mounds throughout the country. For instance, when the Criel Mound was opened, several skeletons were found laid out in a circle around a central body—the skeleton in the center was over seven feet long. This is not a fluke; skeletons over eight feet in length have been found in the Kanawha Valley.

If you are a fan of the History channel blockbuster, Ancient Aliens, you may remember the Criel Mound from a 2016 episode featuring William Henry titled “The Prototypes.”

Ancient Aliens S11 E10 The Prototypes by kaanozten

A few miles from the Criel Mound, in Dunbar, there is a much smaller mound in the Shawnee Regional Park.

Countless mounds throughout the state have been completely destroyed over the years. What secrets did they hold? How much history has been lost?

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