Universe of Evil

This article, about the reality of parallel universes, made think—pondering the multiverse hypothesis will get your head spinning. For some time now, scientists have been floating the idea of parallel universes in which multiple realities are taking place simultaneously. Every possible outcome of a given event is taking place at the same time. It is mind boggling to think about.

I have pondered this idea since I was a kid. I was first introduced to the concept in 1979. I was five years old watching my favorite cartoon Super Friends. The episode “Universe of Evil” came on, and it blew me away! There was an alternate universe where instead of Super Friends and the Justice League, there were Super Enemies, the members of the Crime Syndicate. They had evil laughs and wore dark clothing—evil Aquaman even wore an eyepatch!

Since that episode, I would always wonder: Is there an evil version of me in another realm doing something horrible right now?

SuperFriends ( 1979 ) | Episode 5 | Universe of… by mark-fair


Denver Michaels

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