Second Jaguar in Arizona

I’m a little late posting about this, but better late than never. Until recently, it was believed that there was one jaguar, “El Jefe” in the United States. On December 1st, though, a second jaguar was photographed on a U.S. Army installation outside of Tucson.

Jaguars once roamed the Southwest; perhaps they could slowly be making a comeback.

In the East, mountain lions are being spotted with greater regularity than ever before. Thought to be extinct, the eastern cougar—or perhaps cougars that have wandered from the western states—are being spotted throughout the Appalachians. Some believe the animals did not go extinct, but remnant pockets remained in isolated areas. There is much debate as to whether the cougars are truly eastern pumas or wanderers or escapees. However, there is no debating that they are being reported with increasing regularity.

It is encouraging to think that “big cats,” after over a century of habitat degradation and over hunting, could be returning to their rightful prominence in the United States.


  1. Could the increasing regularity in Big Cat sightings have to do with the weather pattern this year? Or could be due to lack of prey that they are appearing near human settlements frequently enough to be reported?

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