Big Cats in the Land Down Under

Mysterious, large black cats roaming the countryside is a global phenomenon. Here in the US, this has long been the case; it may be easier to explain the sightings on the North American continent given the fact that in certain areas, large predatory cats do exist.

In Australia, it is a little harder to explain the phenomenon, though that doesn’t stop eyewitnesses from seeing the strange cats. Tim Hurley and his girlfriend, both from Kalorama, saw two large black cats on December 4. Although Australia has many reports of Tasmanian Tigers, thought to be extinct, large black cats are not native to Australia. Even if reports of the cats could be blamed on the release of exotic pets or escaped zoo animals, the long history of sightings seems to point to something larger at play—perhaps there is a previously unidentified large cat waiting to be discovered in Australia.

In the UK, mysterious black cats have long been reported. They are often called Alien Black Cats because their presence is hard to explain—perhaps they are of supernatural origin.

Denver Michaels

I am an author and researcher with a passion for cryptozoology, lost civilizations, the paranormal, and all things unexplained.

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