They Say it’s a Rope

The internet has been buzzing this week will the story of a possible river monster in Alaska. The Bureau of Land Management released a video clip of what looked to be a strange creature in the Chena River. Whatever it was appeared to be slowly swimming undulating from side to side, much like a snake. I wasn’t sure what to make of it, but I certainly thought it was alive.

I have been bracing, though, for the “rope explanation” to be thrown out there. Sure enough, today was the day that the rope story came out.

I’ve heard the rope explanation many times before to explain away water monster sightings when the weather is cold. Pieces of ice attach to a strand of rope making it float and appear as if it is living. You may recall that in 2015 a frozen rope was mistaken for something strange. Read about it. The frozen rope explanation does happen; and in this case, it may indeed be a rope—but ropes sure do have a funny way of being mistaken for monsters.


So what say you? Is it a rope?