Oklahoma Sasquatch

A lot of people contact me either through my website or through social media sharing their experiences with cryptids or other unexplained phenomena. Saturday, however, a lady from southeastern Oklahoma shared a particularly intriguing report. I am withholding her name and location—the last thing that people who share their sightings need is hordes of “Bigfoot hunters” descending on the area where they live.

…I live in SE Oklahoma… These creatures are seen all the time by hunters, hikers, and just people. You probably won’t read about it because no one wants to be labeled as a kook! In July this eight ft tall Giant was seen very near my home by a member of my family walking my dogs. It was around 7pm CST he noticed the dogs were behaving oddly looking into the woods between my home and lake. Every ten ft or so my pit bull would stop and pee right on the road. She has never done that before or since. He heard something crashing through the woods parallel to the road and assumed it was deer coming from the lake after drinking. Then after several minutes of all this, this huge Bigfoot Sasquatch wood Ape broke through the trees and underbrush and just jumped down on the road fifteen ft or so in front of him! He said he has never been so taken aback and just shook to his very core. The dogs even my Pit wanted nothing to do with this. My husband said it was more human not really Ape but so massive he said it was hard to describe the size! He said he really did not feel threatened but was struck by its eyes which he described as green like the foliage. He said it kind of snorted at him and in two strides was across the road and gone before he could understand what had happened. When he finally got back I immediately noticed something wrong. I really thought he was having another heart attack. After two nitro glycerine his color started coming back and after an hour or so he told me about it. He has not shared this with anyone else…

She went on to tell me that she knew of nine people—trustworthy, well-respected people with impressive careers who have had similar encounters. The people she knows who have had sightings indicate that the creature seems more human than ape.

With this in mind, the question becomes: how many sightings go unreported?  And, how widespread is this phenomenon in Oklahoma?