Are We Being Ignored?

I thought I’d share this article I saw today. It brings up a point that I haven’t really considered: What if alien life does exist and what if the extraterrestrials are ignoring us? Could they be aware of our attempts to contact them but are refusing to answer?

The following is an excerpt from the article:

In 1973, a radio astronomer named John Ball came up with a possible theory as to why aliens – if they do exist – haven’t gotten back to us. Ball’s “Zoo Hypothesis” as it came to be known, posits that alien civilizations exist, and the most highly developed of them have been communicating. This elite alien “club” has come upon a mutual agreement to leave those deemed primitive or “lesser” life forms alone, only to be watched from a distance. Earthlings, therefore, did not make the cut with the galactic cool kids.

So assuming these aliens exist, under what circumstances could they all agree to keep us in the dark? A Scottish astronomer named Duncan Forgan has the answer.

“I was interested in this theory because it is so difficult to test in a scientific fashion,” Forgan told “The Zoo Hypothesis relies on us being unable to observe other aliens, so a failure to observe aliens can be used both as evidence for and against the hypothesis at the same time!”


Denver Michaels

I am an author and researcher with a passion for cryptozoology, lost civilizations, the paranormal, and all things unexplained.