Mammal-like reptile survived much longer than thought

I found this article to be quite interesting. To give you the “Cliff Notes” version, yet another extinct species lived much longer than was previously thought—by as much as 30 million years! From Kyoto University:

Researchers have uncovered dozens of fossilized teeth in Kuwajima, Japan, and identified this as a new species of tritylodontid, an animal family that links the evolution of mammals from reptiles. The finding suggests that tritylodontids co-existed with some of the earliest mammal species for millions of years, overturning beliefs that mammals wiped out mammal-like reptiles soon after they emerged.

I bring this up because many cryptids—particularly lake monsters—are thought to be holdovers from the age of the dinosaurs. In light of this new development, is the thought of “living dinosaurs” really that far-fetched?

Denver Michaels

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