The Flathead Lake Monster

In my book People are Seeing Something, lake monster reports from Montana are examined. The following is an excerpt:

“You have a better chance of winning the Power Ball Lottery than experiencing a rare opportunity of sighting the Flathead Lake Monster.”
—Laney Hanzel
According to numerous eyewitness reports, Flathead Lake, located in northwestern Montana, is home to an enormous eel-like creature. The strange animal is said to closely resemble descriptions of the renowned Loch Ness Monster. Known as the Flathead Lake Monster, and alternately as Flessie, Montana Nessie, and Flattie, the creature moves with vertical undulations and is seen at times frolicking in the lake. This unusual animal supposedly measures about 8-20 feet in length, although some witnesses have reported that it could possible reach a length of up to 40 feet. Observers often describe the monster as having several vertical humps visible above the water. It has smooth skin that is gray to black in color and large, dark eyes. When the Flathead Lake Monster swims, it is known for leaving a wake in the water up to 12 inches tall, similar to that of a motorboat.
A Magnificent Lake
It would be difficult to find a lake surrounded by scenery that is more gorgeous and breathtaking than Flathead Lake. Moreover, the lake is enormous in size, and splendid in beauty. The lake is world renowned for its crystal-clear waters; the cleanliness of the lake and its pure waters are nothing short of remarkable. Flathead Lake owes its untainted waters to several factors: low human populations around the lake; its watershed predominately lies within managed lands such as National Park and designated wilderness areas; high precipitation in the form of snowmelt from the mountains, and a rapid flushing time. Flushing time is the amount of time that it would take for all of the water in the lake to be replaced. Flathead Lake could replace its water in less than three years. Conversely, Lake Tahoe, the famed alpine lake of the Sierra Nevada, has a flushing time of about 650 years. The rapid flushing time helps Flathead Lake to rid itself of pollutants and contaminants.
Flathead Lake is a large, deep lake—quite a suitable habitat for an aquatic cryptid. The lake has a surface area of over 190 square miles and a maximum depth of just over 370 feet. The mean water depth in Flathead Lake is 164 feet. With an average water depth of over 160 feet, the lake is rather deep—which would help a large creature, such as the Flathead Lake Monster—to avoid detection. The maximum length of the lake is 27.3 miles and the maximum width is 15.5 miles. Flathead Lake is home to several species of trout, as well as other fish, which could serve as a viable food source for a monster if such a creature inhabits the lake.
The First Recorded Encounter
The first verified sighting of the Flathead Lake Monster dates back to 1889, when Captain James C. Kerr, skipper of the passenger steamboat, the U.S. Grant, saw the creature. Captain Kerr, a veteran captain, who once made his living sailing the Great Lakes, skippered steamboats on Flathead Lake from 1886-1909. On the fateful day that would come to be the first documented sighting of the Flathead Lake Monster, Kerr noticed….

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