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I am an author with a passion for cryptozoology, lost civilizations, the paranormal, and all things unexplained. To date, I have written three books. In my latest, Wild & Wonderful (and Paranormal) West Virginia, I seek to understand why the Mountain State experiences a disproportionate amount of strange phenomena.

My first book, People are Seeing Something, examines the lake monster phenomenon in the United States and Canada.

Piggybacking off of People are Seeing Something, my second book, Water Monsters South of the Border, takes a look at the strange creatures, myths, and folklore of Central & South America, Mexico, and the Caribbean.

The Crypto Corner

Join Den of Lore host Chris George Zuger and I as we discuss all things cryptozoology. We discuss current trends, analyze photographs and video, and interview researchers to bring you the latest in the field of hidden animals—always with “open-minded skepticism.”


Phosphorescent Eyes

An unusual characteristic that is sometimes described among water monsters is “phosphorescent eyes.” This has attributed to the Yacumama—known to many as the Giant Anaconda—the massive water snake of the Amazon.  Take the following excerpt from my book Water Monsters South of the Border: …the Yacumama’s eyes are phosphorescent; when spotted at night, the creature’s eyes …